New single and music video 'Hailuoto' out now!

The 2nd single release and music video from the upcoming Lost in Grey album “Odyssey into the Grey” is now released!

”‘Hailuoto’ is an acoustic song which was composed and the lyrics were written on the island of Hailuoto located in the Bothnian Bay, Finland. Musically it was inspired by the beautiful nature of the island, Northern Finland and Norway. Despite the beauty, for me, Hailuoto island had this feeling of somewhat being haunted by spirits or ghosts from the past, as some 800 people were killed there during one night approximately 300 years ago, which in my opinion also brings a unique melancholic touch to the song. Also the guitars in the song are actually recorded in the “smallest studio in the world” on the island when me and Anne Lill were visiting an Artists-in-residence in Hailuoto back in 2022.” - Harri

“Hailuoto is a song about trying to find hope. In this song I guess hope is found, and it saddens me that not everyone is able to find it. We recently lost a dear friend who was very touched by this song. So even if I didn’t write this with him in mind specifically, afterwards it sort of became a song for him. Like the song “Varjo” on our previous album, I felt a need to write the lyrics in Finnish to express certain emotions which I am unable to express in a foreign language. We shot the music video in Bromarv on a cold day in October in a hard storm wind. Despite being unintended, the peaceful pace of the song contrasting with the storm turned out to be an interesting visualisation of the inner struggles people might be dealing with. And I hope that the song and video could remind people that together, we can help each other to get through anything.” - Anne Lill

The new album “Odyssey into the Grey” will be released on April 05th 2024 via El Puerto Records.

Watch / listen the new single ‘Hailuoto’ here:
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Lost in Grey in studio recording the 4th album

Greetings all thee!

It is with great pleasure we share with you that the recordings of the fourth album of Lost in Grey is in full swing at the Grey Realm Studio, Finland. Vocal recordings have started last week and shall be finished during this month.

Prepare yourselves for a massive package of Theatrical Metal next year.

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New single and music video "The Entourage" out now!

Lost in Grey presents the breathtaking new single "The Entourage". It is the bombastic opening track of Lost in Grey's upcoming fourth album "Odyssey into the Grey", which will be released on April 05th 2024 via El Puerto Records.

“This new album continues the Grey Realms saga, and this song presents us, the actors, and the characters we are playing. It is also an invitation to the listener to come and join our twisted musical adventure. In the music video we can see the band members in various backstage activities before and after the show.” - Anne Lill (lyricist)

“I tend to like to start the new album composing process by exploring where I would like our music to travel next based on where we ended the previous release. This album was no exception to that. ´The Entourage’ was the first song composed for this new album. Musically it represents the album quite well, as most of our main elements are featured on it, and it’s dramatic, complex... a musical rollercoaster!” - Harri Koskela (composer)

Hold on to your seats really tight, and we hope you will enjoy the ride!

Listen to "The Entourage" here:

New album 'Under the Surface' out now!

Today, we proudly announce the release of the 3rd Lost in Grey album "Under the Surface" via REAPER ENTERTAINMENT.

Listen to ‘Under the Surface’ here:
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