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New album "The Grey Realms" out now!

The Finnish theatrical metal newcomers LOST IN GREY shied the public so far.
But today, their long awaited and fantastic debut album „The Grey Realms" is finally out.

Inspired by symphonic and folk Metal, but also by film soundtracks and the beautiful nature in Northern Finland and Norway, LOST IN GREY succeeded in creating a breathtaking work of art that keeps listeners under its spell from first to last second.

Also the press likes the album:
„LOST IN GREY gain a victory in a genre where most bands fail.
Theatrical, capturing and with outstanding vocals,
the Finns take you on a journey without ever risking a cheesy moment."

Order your copy of "The Grey Releams" here: http://thegreyrealms.noiseart.eu/

The band states:
"Greetings all thee!
The day has come to open the gates to The Grey Realms.
However, just as there are multiple layers in the compositions,
so are there multiple stories, and several different routes to enter them.
Thus, we invite You to join us in the world of Lost in Grey,
whatever path You choose to take.
Yours sincerely, LOST IN GREY"

More about "The Grey Realms":
"Dark Skies" (Music Video): https://youtu.be/T0CD_Q2B5ao
"New Horizon": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBqkw-Q5lg8

Interview #1: : https://youtu.be/qiFJBe529Js
Interview #2: https://youtu.be/AuUfYTd2Hyo
Interview #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puf9ULjHcSo&feature=youtu.be
Interview #4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpnUZby6BqU

Trailer #1 (the band): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo1WHCKV4Dc
Trailer #2 (behind the scenes): https://youtu.be/4vyrVMbCYQE
Trailer #3: (thoughts from musicans): https://youtu.be/2hdFdlIWKes


"The Grey Realms" tracklisting:
01. Waltz of Lillian
02. Road to Styx
03. Dark Skies
04. Revelation
05. The Order
06. New Horizon
07. The Grey Realms
08. Silence Falls

LOST IN GREY are without doubt one of the most promising newcomers within the last years, electrifying their audiences through their suspense-packed story and the terrific sound setting. Find yourself at the edge of your seat when you join protagonist Lillian on her way into the Grey Realms, and journey with her into a world in which Good and Evil come in various shades of grey and where Truth and Lie are difficult to tell apart. Listen to a piece of art whose lyrical concept becomes an inseparable union with the musical compositions and all graphics around the album, showing the talent and commitment of each of the band's members.



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